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Anpa high-speed rail assembly processing factory The use of fasteners



Fasteners are a type of mechanical spare parts that are used for fastening and are widely used. It is also a necessity that we rarely pay attention to in our lives. A slight oversight can cause more or less loss, from small to large assets. Personal safety. Therefore, when using fasteners, they must have a certain understanding of their provisions.


For an Anpai Hardware Co., Ltd. manufacturer of high-speed rail components, the general scope of use of fasteners is well understood. Well, let's talk about it today.


According to rough statistics, there are about 40,000 varieties and millions of kinds of fasteners in various forms at home and abroad, and their use situations and environment are ever-changing. Fasteners, as the connecting parts of the mainframe and components, bear the basic performance of the main part and the basic functions of the components together with the host. They must adapt to high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, vibration, corrosion, heavy load, alternating stress, shear resistance. Cut anti-twisting and other occasions. However, the probability of accidents caused by fastener failure is very high, so the materials used to make fasteners must be strictly selected in advance.