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How does precision parts realize automatic processing?



The reform of state-owned enterprises in the precision parts processing machine tool industry is conducive to the innovation and development of enterprises and is conducive to the overall progress of China's machine tool industry. Deepening the reform of the system and accelerating the system innovation and mechanism innovation of CNC part processing enterprises can enhance the internal vitality of enterprises. We must promote the reform of the joint-stock system of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, promote the diversification of investment entities, improve the corporate governance structure, and establish a modern enterprise system. State-owned and state-controlled enterprises should seperate the main business and improve their efficiency through the separation of the main and auxiliary businesses, and the removal of social functions.


Precision parts are machine tools that use CNC technology to control the machining process, or machines equipped with numerical control systems. The use of CNC machine tools processing machinery parts, known as CNC machining. The numerical control machining differs from the ordinary machine tool processing in that the control information needed in the machining of the numerical control machine tool, such as the cutting tool path, the sequence of various actions, and various auxiliary functions (such as the rotation speed of the earth shaft, the overspeed, the tool change, Coolant switches, etc.) are stored in the control medium in the digital form of the machining sequence, and the automatic machining process of the machine tool is realized by the numerical control device.


Driven by the market demand, the booming demand of China's CNC machine tool industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, with an average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China will continue to invest and increase its efforts. Each year, major projects will drive more than 10 billion yuan of funds. Not only has it driven the market development of domestic CNC machine tools and their numerical control systems and related functional components, it has also provided excellent opportunities for domestic CNC system manufacturers to develop their own technologies from time to time and expand the market.


There are hundreds of companies in the field of precision parts and equipment change in the domestic market, and they come from two systems: In recent years, many enterprises have separated the auxiliary businesses, such as machine repair workshops and branch factories, that have served the main industry, and established independent companies; A large number of professional and technical personnel have formed privately-owned peacekeeping reform companies and emerged as a result, which together formed the current machine tool maintenance and transformation industry. Machine tool manufacturing companies have a great advantage in remanufacturing, but the reality is that the market conditions for new machine tools are very good. These companies often do not have the energy to engage in remanufacturing operations. They also worry that remanufacturing products will affect the sales of new machine tools. Therefore, most machine tools Manufacturing companies even have a natural resistance to remanufacturing operations.