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Analysis of Processing Characteristics of CNC Punching Machine



CNC punch press is a device that automatically punches blanks according to a pre-programmed NC machining program. The ideal processing procedure should not only ensure that the metal parts can be processed to meet the design requirements of qualified parts, but also should be able to make a reasonable use of CNC punch press and its performance fully.


With the development of stamping equipment, more and more CNC blanking processes are used. Through the research and analysis of the process features of NC machining, some issues that should be noted in the NC programming design are proposed and examples are given. Explained the correct way to complete the work. The actual experience of the article author is very rich, because these articles have a strong practicality.


When NC program design, whether it is manual programming or automatic programming, before the programming of metal parts processing must be carried out process analysis, and then draw up the processing program, develop a correct and reasonable processing process, but also select the appropriate mold and processing speed. In the design of numerical control programs, metal processing plants should pay more attention to some of the process design methods. If you ignore some of the details of the process, sometimes even if the processing program is correct, but due to the process of the process is not reasonable, it can not process qualified parts, and even worse, it will cause the machine to alarm and damage.