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Hardware Hexagon Nut Manufacturers Explain the basic structure of self-tapping screws

Dongguan Anpai Hardware Co., Ltd. is located near Songshan Lake in Dongguan, the company's main hardware accessories, home appliances accessories, mechanical and electrical accessories, high-speed rail accessories, photography fixed-focus lens accessories and other hardware machine accessories. Due to the needs of the company's business, many colleagues in the post are not familiar with the self-tapping screws. In order to let everyone understand its technological structure, the company invited a professional engineering design self-tapping nail engineering project to explain it to everyone;


Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws are a type of screw with flat, countersunk and semi-sinking heads. General countersunk head screws are cross slot, which is the national standard specification above, the national standard number, namely the national standard GB/T846-1985. Countersunk head screws are commonly used in electrical equipment, electronic machinery, mechanical equipment, household appliances, digital Products, water conservancy projects, renovation and construction, etc., countersunk head screws are generally made of metal screw wire rods. After forming, the teeth are cylindrical, the head is flat, such as an inclined surface around the screw side, let Screws can lock the screw caps or other objects.


Countersunk screws have a larger diameter at the top and can be round or hexagonal so that tools such as screwdrivers or wrenches can turn the screws. The more prominent top also prevents the screws from drilling too deeply through the material and increasing the screw pressure on the material. Countersunk screws are usually free to remove or re-tighten without sacrificing efficiency. They are also more powerful than nails and can be reused. Above the material used for the countersunk head screws, the head can sink completely and the screw heads do not play a blocking role.


It can be on the material being consolidated, by its own thread, will be "attack - drill, squeeze, press" the corresponding body of the screw thread, so that they closely cooperate with each other.


Structural elements


The self-tapping screws are composed of three parts: the head, the shank and the end of the shank. Each self-tapping screw has four major elements: the head shape, the wrenching method, the thread type, and the end type.


Processing materials


Carbon steel 1022, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 410


Heat treatment


Our company provides carbon steel 1022, stainless steel 410 self-tapping screws have heat treatment process.


Surface treatment


Galvanizing, hot show treasure, Disco, etc., according to the needs of users, the ability to salt spray can achieve up to 2000 hours.

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